Commercial plumbing problems are usually much more complex than residential plumbing and can have a business critical impact. That is why it is important to use a company with over 20 years of experience to get the job done correctly.

A.F.S. Plumbing & Service has the knowledge and equipment required for handling all types of commercial plumbing crisis from commercial, industrial to retail. Our experts are able to work quickly to limit business impact.

  • Overview

    • 24 hour, 7 Days a week emergency service
    • Commercial, Industrial, Retail
    • Motel & Apartment Complex
    • Trusted & Referred
    • Prompt & Professional Service
    • We Take Pride In Our Work
    • Commercial & Residential repipes
    • High-pressure water jet drain cleaning - large and small diameter
    • Lift station installation, repair and maintenance
    • Backflow installation, testing and repair
    • Electronic line location
    • Large or small water heater repair
    • Fiber-optic pipeline video inspection
    • Grease trap and septic tank installation
    • Industrial pump repair & installation
    • Emergency spills
    • All types of commercial plumbing repair
    • Scheduled service programs
    • Fast Service Within Minutes
    • Call For Details
    • Free Estimates (Call For Details)


    • 24 hour emergency plumbing service
    • Lift station pump installation and repair
    • Large and small diameter high-pressure pipe jetting
    • Wet and dry solids removal
    • Storm drain system cleaning and repair
    • Backflow installation testing and repair
    • All types of industrial plumbing repair
    • Oil-Water Separation
    • Emergency spills
    • Pipe jetting 
    • Pipeline video inspection
    • Storm drain cleaning/repair
    • Confined space