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Industry Challenges

Mechanical Contractor/Engineer

Because of the rapid pace of the daily changes in the Petroleum Industry and State & Federal Laws, Mechanical Contractor/Engineers cannot commit to stay current with the constant changes in the Petroleum Industry. However, more often these Mechanical Contractor/Engineers are faced with the responsibility of the installation of such fuel oil distribution systems for Boilers and Critical Stand-By Generator Systems. 

Simply put! Because these types projects are not typical, the commitment of time and money that's required to stay current to meet the demands of this specialized craft cannot be justified. Here is where Advanced Fuel Systems can assist your Firm.

Petroleum Contractor/Engineer

Every time you fill up your car at the corner gas station, you are using the best that Technology has to offer by way of transporting the fuel from the Storage Tank to your Vehicle. This is because the Major Oil and Petroleum Industries have decades of research & experience for moving regulated products safely and efficiently. 

E.P.A. guidelines we know today have only been in existence since 1998, and the petroleum product manufactures are continuously evolving better and more efficient products. Thus rendering the need for PetroleumContractors/Engineers who are specialized in the installation and maintenance of such systems. It is detrimental to these companies to stay current with the constant changes of State & Federal Laws and products. IE: Storage Tanks, Tank Monitors, Line Leak Detectors, Electronics… However, most Petroleum Contractors 
do not understand the complexity of an automatic, hands -free fuel distribution system for a Boiler or EmergencyStand-By Generator. Nor are they familiar with the magnitude of large scale construction projects such as a Hospital, Casino or Campus which are constructed in several stages and can 
take years to compete.

The Solution ~ Advanced Fuel Systems

With years of experience in Project Management as a Licensed Mechanical Contractor and Licensed Petroleum Contractor; Advanced Fuel Systems can help your firm bring these two specialized industries together for a reliable, safe and simple Fuel Distribution System. Most importantly, Advanced Fuel Systems can provide your firm the tools to keep this complicated work in house 
or provide Turn Key Installations