About Us

Advanced Fuel Systems combines traditional design and construction capabilities with hands-on fuel systems operations and management experience to develop integrated solutions for the fuel system challenges that are faced daily.

Project focus related to the design, installation and service for new applications to upgrading or decommissioning of existing systems. Human Safety and Environmental Concern for the safe handling of regulated substances such as petroleum, waste oils, alternative fuels, chemicals and lubricants. We have the personnel, resources and contract vehicles to solve your fuel system challenges.

Years of fuel system experience include:
  • Retail and Truck Stop Fueling Facilities
  • Hospital -Emergency Stand By Fuel Storage for Life Critical Generator Systems
  • Telecommunication ~ Banks ~ Casinos -Emergency Stand by Fuel storage for Facility Critical Generator Systems
  • Regional Dispatch Facilities
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Fleet Fuel Management ~ Card Lock or Key Guard Control
Expedited execution of fuel system projects using our wide variety of available contracting vehicles.